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Employ your CCTV Cameras for Facial Recognition using AI

· 4 min read
Sushmith Banoth

Employ your CCTV Cameras for Facial Recognition using AI

The pandemic has changed the way we live. People have become extremely conscious of every surface they touch and that worry takes up a significant part of the brain and leads to anxiety. There are some simple ways in which you can avoid this at spaces which require people to tap a RFID card or register their fingerprint to get access to the space. This can be done by using facial recognition along with the cameras placed at these entry points. and Saaragh are companies based out of Singapore which help organizations across the globe with custom Artificial Intelligence solutions and Video Analytics based on AI. We can help you integrate AI models for Facial Recognition with your existing cameras and infrastructure or suggest the entire infrastructure which would be optimum to set up an access control system for Facial Recognition. This eliminated the need to use any physical cards or ask people to touch and scan their fingerprints for getting access. Along with that, we can also help you capture the image of the person, demographic attributes, and gesture analysis.

Applications of Zero Contact Facial Recognition using Artificial Intelligence: Access control system at workspace, warehouse, housing societies, home automation and security systems. Attendance management for BPOs, KPOs where individuals are required to be present in front of their computers to be able to access the information and work. Facial Recognition models can be integrated with traffic cameras to detect people who violate traffic laws and the information can be gathered from the government identity database to know and automate the issuance of fines. Enhanced security for appliances and equipment which are of strategic importance and can be allowed to be operated only by certain people. Tracking movement of people in various areas and to understand behavior of people to improve efficiency of operations.

Imagine if you checked into your hotel by just showing your face in front of the camera at the reception and there was no need to carry around a card to access the relevant floor through the elevator or to enter the room assigned to you at the hotel. You would be saving so much time and getting rid of the need to touch multiple surfaces. Imagine if you could do this at the airport the next time you are flying out. The entire experience could be automated, right from the check-in and security check to the boarding process. We could be saving so much paper and plastic while making processes automated, faster, and more efficient. You would not have to worry about forgetting your keys to your car or your home. You wouldn’t have to share a key or have to be at home to welcome your guest, you could simply ask them to send you their most recent picture, save it on your security system and they could just enter your home once you gave them access beforehand while you were at the supermarket picking up groceries for a nice dinner to be cooked for the guest.

Here’s a sample video of how our AI based facial recognition model works along with a mask detection model to detect who the person is (an Indian celebrity in this video) and to detect if the person is wearing a mask or not.

There are numerous applications of Facial Recognition and thanks to Artificial Intelligence for making it all possible. All you need is a camera with some access management system and we could help you with the facial recognition models customized to your needs. To know more, reach out to us on [email protected] NOW!