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Accelerate your business with Computer Vision

Train models in minutes. Deploy in few clicks. No code Computer Vision platform for businesses.

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How it works?

Build computer vision models in 3 easy steps

Sign up & Choose template

Upload & Train

Test & Deploy


Build and train your models in minutes and not days. Upload the images and train your computer vision model in few clicks.

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We consider a model ready for use only after testing its performance. Test the model performance quickly and easily with nStudio.

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Download model files or deploy the model using an API in just a few clicks.

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No Code

Build your Computer Vision AI model without writing a single line of code. All you need is the images to train the model.

Easy to Use

Get started in minutes. Upload images and build your models in few clicks.

Data Privacy

Your data is yours. Bring your own data for training. Build a model without having to share your data with us.


Want to monetize your Computer Vision models? You will soon be able to offer your CV models to others on and earn revenue when other developers use it.