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Generative AI for Fashion & eCommerce

Create Prints for Apparel, Visualize in 3D, Commercialize with AI generated models/avatars for photo shoots.

From Ideas to Photo Shoot within Minutes using AI.

    Create: Generate prints for apparel
    Visualize: Visualize prints on apparel in 3D
    Commercialize: Create photo shoots with AI generated fashion models.

How works?



Create exciting prints, designs and generate them on apparels in minutes not days. Upload the images and generate prints in few clicks.

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Visualize the generated designs and prints on AI generated 3D models/ avatars and on various apparel silhouettes.

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Create photo shoots with AI generated fashion models/avatars and use those to sell your garments on eCommerce sites and social media.

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Subscription plan

Current plan

Niia Free

$ 0

200 credits

Niia Pro

$ 9/mo

2000 credits


Niia Premium

$ 29/mo

7000 credits


Yes, if you have specific needs or requirements, please contact [email protected].

Yes, you can use the images generated by niia for both personal and commercial purposes.

You, can send an email to [email protected] and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Yes, the tool is designed to be user-friendly, even for individuals without extensive design knowledge. It typically offers intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features, allowing users to input preferences, tweak designs, and obtain custom visuals with ease.

AI tools often have privacy policies outlining the collection and usage of user data. It's important to review these policies to understand how your data is handled and ensure compliance with any applicable regulations.

Yes, the designs generated by the website are unique based on user input. However, since the designs are created using AI algorithms and templates, there might be similarities or overlaps with other designs in certain aspects.

5-10 credits will be deducted based on your image generation from our available features. But if you are willing to try our platform more, you can connect us on [email protected]. We can feed you up with more free credits.

Any designs or patterns either by uploading your own images containing your desired prints & patterns or by giving prompt inputs.

Right after you signup, your account has 200 credits from which further credits will be deducted based on your image generation.

Currenly we are charging 15,000 INR for 500 image generations, which is just 30 INR for an image.